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About Alba

Alba and Lorenzo Rodriguez

Meet Alba

I have always loved food. And I’ve always enjoyed working out. But although I would workout regularly, I never got “toned.” I always looked exactly the same.

I was expending maximal effort with minimal results. 

Only years later did I learn that I wasn’t eating enough. I wasn’t eating right. And I wasn’t training correctly.

Fortunately for me, I married someone who had cracked the code to eating and training for aesthetics and taught me his methods. It finally made sense.

But how did this compare to eating for optimal health?

Diabetes, insulin resistance, high cholesterol and high blood pressure run deep on both sides of my family. Was I doomed to accept the same fate? 

Thus began my study of insulin resistance, epigenetics, and low tox living.

If you don't want to be at the mercy of your genetics, let’s talk. 


  • NCI level 1

  • NCI level 2

  • Hormone Specialist

Alba and Lorenzo Rodriguez
sprouted grain bread with butter and eggs topped with arugula
grass fed steak with onions and brussel sprouts


Healthy Hormones

Muscle Building Protocols

Strength Training Programs

Easy Higher Protein Meals

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